Comcast/Xfinity Outage

Løst has confirmed that as of 1:45PM EST service has been restored by provider Comcast/Xfinity after a 2 hour outage affecting several states. No explanation has been issued at this time, updates will be sent out as we receive more details.

Oppdatert has confirmed that there is an ongoing issue affecting Comcast/Xfinity. Currently no ETA on a resolution.

netPark’s servers themselves continue to remain online and operational for those unaffected by the Comcast/Xfinity outage.


We are currently experiencing a large number of calls related to issues accessing netPark. Based on the current information we have available, it appears to be a nationwide issue with Comcast/Xfinity.

At the current time, netPark’s servers are fully operational and do not appear to be affected. Should that information change at any time, we’ll post an update.